Who? What?

Kelley Farm? What's that about?

Good question.

Kelley Farm is a 10 acre salt farm on Mount Desert Island that was acquired by Maine Coast Heritage Trust in 2014 and is open to the public for recreation and gardening.

Several years back, along with other musical groups, the Gray Farm Trio, (Amy Kurman, Beth Herrick & Rick Barter) was invited to play at an event at Kelley Farm to raise awareness of the preserve. The trio, in turn, asked Fred Benson if he might like to lend his bass and his talent to the group for the day...... and Fred mentioned it would also be great to have Jim Vekasi, (an MDI mandolin player of high repute) come along as well. 

When one of the organizers asked for the name of the group for introductions, someone, under the stress of the moment, suggested "The Kelley Farm Five," and the name (sortof) stuck.

Kelley Farm plays a mix of music ranging from early 20th century pop, to folk, blues, country, rock and roll, as well as some original pieces. We especially enjoy playing/singing music with vocal harmony possibilities.